Proven by Research

Steve Evert of Stockton University was a key partner to help establish the Tuckerton Reef.

This unique project was led by the combined efforts of Stockton University and Parsons Mariculture. While funded by the Barnegat Bay Partnership, Parsons Mariculture and Stockton University designed a pilot scale research project to answer a much larger question:

How do we restore oyster reefs to Barnegat Bay, efficiently and effectively?

The first ever man-made reef restoration site was created in 2016. The first on-the-bottom restoration site is located in the southern part of the Barnegat Bay watershed near the small town of Tuckerton, New Jersey, appropriately named “The Tuckerton Reef.”

Currently, data is consistently gathered and monitored by Stockton University marine biology students. This data helps to guide the efforts for restoring overall health to Barnegat Bay.